Testosterone Injections: Uses, Side Effects & Warnings

Testosterone is a legal steroid hormone typically found in men. It is less often associated with women because they have very less quantity of it. It is the main sex hormone of men that is produced mainly in their testicles. It is responsible for stimulating the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men and many other functions.  Testosterone injections are suggested by doctors if a blood test shows abnormally low levels of testosterone or with age as they decline. They may be required to treat certain conditions found in both men and boys due to lack of this hormone like impotence, delayed puberty or other hormonal imbalances.
If you are suffering from low levels of testosterone you should make use of Testogen. It is a supplement that contains natural ingredients to boost your testosterone levels safely and easily. Testogen is made of a revolutionary formula that can increase your testosterone levels naturally.


The testosterone injections are used in males who are in deficit of this natural hormone. Since testosterone is responsible for many important functions in the male body, the use of these injections to boost their levels serves to be extremely helpful. The functions of testosterone include genital growth and development, muscles and bone growth. This further helps in normal sexual development in men and boys.
The classes of drugs that comprise of testosterone are called androgens. They work on the body systems and affect them to restore development and normal functionality. Testosterone injections are also used to treat women with certain types of breast cancer. They are also used to cause puberty in certain adolescent boys with delayed puberty. These injections are also used to treat many other medical conditions like deficient activity of the testis, unusually late sexual maturity, absence of testicles, rare X Chromosome Abnormality, etc.

Side Effects

As side effects of these injections you may experience vomiting, headache, change in skin color, nausea, hair loss increased/decreased libido and even acne might occur. The injection site may become red and pain causing. If any of symptoms persist or become aggravated you should inform your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

You have to remember that your doctor prescribed you these injections as medicine because he or she came to the conclusion that their benefits will be greater than the risk of the side effects to you. Usually, when used in normal doses this medication does not have any serious side effect.

The more serious side effects of this drug involve mental changes like depression, anxiety or increased anger. If you experience trouble sleeping, persistent abdominal pain/nausea, unusual fatigue, yellow skin/eyes, dark urine, swelling of hands/ankles/feet, or irregular heartbeat you must tell your doctor promptly. source You must also seek medical help immediately if you experience very serious side effects which include rapid breathing/shortness of breath, pain in chest/left arm/jaw, unusual sweating, confusion, dizziness, severe headache, trouble speaking, weakness in one side of body,  or sudden changes in vision.  Also if you experience pain/swelling in calf/groin, have trouble urinating/frequent urination (especially nocturnal) and prolonged or frequent erection make sure to inform your doctor. Testosterone injections can decrease the production of sperm in the body affecting the fertility of a man. You should consult your doctor for more details. As for a female she should promptly see the doctor if she has any serious effects like hoarseness, deepening of voice, unusual body/facial hair growth, irregular menstrual periods or an enlarged clitoris. It is rare to have a very serious allergic reaction to the drug but if you notice such symptoms like rash, itching/swelling etc. get medical help right away. For further details about possible side effects contact your doctor.


Before going for testosterone injections you should tell your doctor about all previous treatments you have undergone. If you are on any medications, prescribed/non-prescribed, illegal drugs, herbal remedies or supplements you need to inform your doctor prior to taking these injections. Especially check if you are taking insulin or blood thinners.
These injections should not be used if you have breast or prostate cancer. Using them will worsen enlarged prostate symptoms. If you have heart, liver or kidney disease, the use of testosterone can cause congestive heart failure. FDA has also warned against their use in case of heart attack or stroke patients.

So many factors are involved that can cause serious troubles. So, it is essential that your doctor is informed of your all your medical condition and history and treatments. A host of issues can rise in case of an overdose. Overdose of this sex hormone can be very inimical to the body and your mental health as well. Psychiatric problems have also been associated with testosterone overdose.

If your doctor gives you a green signal you should consider Testogen as a way to naturally enhance your testosterone levels. They are an easy way to boost your T-levels easily and safely.

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