Fasting and Weight Loss

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Fasting has been practiced for ages. It is often done for religious purposes but nowadays it is been done for weight loss. Fasting has actually become fashion. Fasting is known to help people consume fewer calories. It also helps to optimize hormones which are related to weigh control.

Nowadays you will find a range of do-it-yourself plans which will convince you of the numerous benefits of fasting. Fasting does contribute to weight loss at least in the short run. The concept of intermittent fasting is very simple. It requires a person to alternate days of eating with modified fasting days. In these specific days the calorie count is just 500 calories.

The research done on intermittent fasting and the people who actually gone for it swear by the results. If you find weight loss to be not your kind of thing then you should consume Forskolin Fuel. This is a weight loss supplement which enhances your metabolism. If you consume Forskolin fuel in intermittent fasting it will help you lose weight dramatically.

For those of you who are not well aware of intermittent fasting the most popular type of intermittent fasting methods include the following

The 16/8 method

In this method you are supposed to skip breakfast. The eating window is between 12 noon and 8 pm. So you get eight hours to eat food. Remember to eat clean and healthy in this window.


In this method you are supposed to do one or two 24 hour fasts each week. The fast starts with one dinner and ends with the other.

The 5:2 methods

You are allowed to eat 500-600 calories on two specific days of the week. On the rest of the five days you can eat normally.

Now as long as you don’t eat more than required in the non fasting periods these methods will help reduce your calorie intake significantly and in turn help you lose belly fat.

Intermittent Fasting and Hormones

Fat is basically energy storage done by the body. When the body does not consume the calories required the body changes many things so that this energy can be utilized.  The nervous system and the hormonal activity play a vital role in the changes made by the body. Below are some hormones which are affected during the fasting period.


This hormone is the main fat storage hormone. Its range in the body changes when we consume food. When we fast the level of insulin drops dramatically causing the body to burn the stored fat reserves.

Human Growth Hormone

This hormone may reach extremely high levels during fasting. I actually may increase five times. This hormone also aids in fat loss and muscle gain.


This hormone is usually sent by the nervous system to fats cells so that they can break down body fat in to free fatty acids.

How does Intermittent fasting lead to weight loss

The main factor which contributes to weight loss in intermittent fasting is the fact it helps you avoid calories. All the plans related to intermittent fasting involve skipping meals during the fast period. So unless you’re not eating too much in the non-fasting periods you will be able to lose weight easily. This type of fasting can actually reduce body weight by up to 8% in just about 3 to 24 weeks.

The results of intermittent fasting are pretty good and it shows that it can be used as useful aid in weight loss. Intermittent fasting also enhances the metabolism. It helps prevent chronic disease and expands life span. Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

Intermittent Fasting facilitates healthy eating

Intermittent happens to be simple and this very fact increases its beauty. The single best diet known is he one which you can stick to in the long run. Now if intermittent encourages you to adopt a healthy diet then it is obviously the best choice for long-term health and maintenance.

How to make Intermittent Fasting A success

You have to make note of some things if you are opting for intermittent fasting.  You should strictly monitor the quality of food you consume. You should try to consume whole single ingredient foods. Do not even dare to think that calories do not matter anymore. You should try to eat normally in the non fasting periods. Some people might actually over eat thinking that the fasting period will compensate but it won’t.

As the rule goes with any other diet plan you have to remain consistent in intermittent fasting.  If you really want to see some results then stick to the plan for an extended period of time.  Lastly be patient. In this type of weight loss your body needs time to adapt to the new schedule so take it slow. You should try to keep your meal time consistent and things will turn out fine.

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